How to configure Mikrotik Router OS Basic Command line step by step Configuration

Langkah 1 : KOnfigurasi IP Address interface lokal dan WAN
ether1 ( connected to WAN with IP :
ether2 ( connected to local Network with IP=
ip address print
ip address remove 0
ip address add address= broadcast= interface=ether1
ip address add address= broadcast= interface=ether2
Langkah 2 : Setting Mikrotik sebagai DNS Server
ip dns set primary-dns= allow-remote-requests=yes
Langkah 3 : Setting  DHCP Server
ip pool add name=DHCP ranges= ( copy-from) next-pool range
ip dhcp-server add name=DHCP-Main add-arp=yes disabled=no intterface=ether2 address-pool=DHCP
Langkah 4 : Membuat IP-Pool untk Penggunaan PPoE Server
ip pool add name=ppoe-pool ranges=
Langkah 5 : Membuat PPoE Server
interface pppoe-server server add interface=ether2 max-mtu=1488 maxmru=1488 keepalive-timeout=disabled one-session-per-host=yes max-session=0 default-profile=default authentication=pap disabled=no
Langkah 6 : Membuat Profile PPoE Server
ppp profile add name=pppoe-profile local-address= remote-address=pppoe-pool dns-server= rate-limit=512k/512k
Langkah 7 : Setting Firewall
ip friewall nat add chain=srcnat src-address-list= action=masquerade
Langkah 8 : Menambahkan Route
ip route add dst-address= gateway
ppp secret add name=test password=test profile=pppoe-profile


pustaka :  youtube

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